About HCSO

The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office serves 1.2 million residents across Hennepin County, which includes the county seat in Minneapolis. Sheriff's Office headquarters are in downtown Minneapolis with divisions and unit facilities located throughout the county.  Watch this video to learn more about the Sheriff's Office.

Most of the Sheriff's Office duties - from managing the county jail and securing the district court - are mandated by state law. Other initiatives, from undercover narcotics investigations to homeland security activities, are initiatives the Sheriff's Office engages in "to keep and preserve the peace of the county," the office's broader mandate.

The Sheriff's Office works in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, businesses, community groups, and non-profits. Among the organizations that support the work of the Sheriff's Office is the Hennepin County Sheriff Foundation. It is an independent, nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to supporting youth-based activity programs and 21st century crime-fighting initiatives. Click here to learn more.

Working together with approximately 800 employees: the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Majors, deputies and civilians, have adopted a Strategic Plan and the following Strategic Focus Priorities:

1. Fight Violent Crime in Hennepin County and Target the Lethal Combination of Guns, Gangs, Kids and Drugs:

2. Advance capabilities and best practices in criminal information sharing & analysis throughout Hennepin County and the region to reduce and prevent crime.

3. Serve as Good Stewards of the taxpayer dollars through innovative and prioritized management of resources.

4. Leverage innovative technology and forensic sciences to efficiently solve crime and reduce victimization across the county.

5. Lead in the preparation, training and response to emergencies, disasters and threats, including Homeland Security.

6. In service to the residents, provide leadership and education on issues of public safety.

7. Value the contribution of employees and volunteers of HCSO and provide opportunities needed for skills enhancement and leadership development.  



 The Sheriff's Office provides comprehensive public safety services across the county. The following are just a few of the services provided by the Sheriff's Office: