Leo Espinoza

Leo J. Espinoza is an award-winning professional communicator with a background in broadcasting, public speaking and marketing. On a national level, he reports on topics such as community integration and social justice.  Locally, he is an announcer for the Metro Cable Network and an anchor for Spanish-language productions of ECHO TV, a public affairs program on Twin Cities Public Television. The City of Minneapolis has honored Mr. Espinoza for his community building efforts, and he hosts workshops on racial equality and human rights in Twin Cities schools and municipalities. On the business side, he is the owner of a translation company, Latin Experience, and a motivational speaker for corporations.  He is a native of Ecuador, the land of the Galapagos Islands, made famous by Charles Darwin.  Mr. Espinoza has chosen to continue his personal evolution in Minnesota, where he does his best to make it a more hospitable environment for all human beings.