Civil Process Fees

Effective January 4, 2016

All civil fees are due and payable at the time papers are delivered and the Sheriff’s services are requested. If final fees are unknown, deposits are required (see below).

Service of Process $80

Includes sufficient attempts of service or posting of one process, to one person, at one address to satisfy the service or reasonably determine the service cannot be completed as requested.  All papers are assessed a service fee; the fee will not be refunded if the service request is cancelled.

Execution Commission 5% 

Based on the total amount seized, collected or stipulated to by the parties as a result of the Sheriff’s levy

Levy $10
Notification of wage garnishment or levy $10
Writ of Recovery $125
Deputy Time   /   Civil Standby $50 per hour
Mortgage Foreclosure Sale $75
Outside Bidder Certificate Fee $100
Lien / UCC Sale $85
Judgment and Decree Sale $110
Execution Sale $110
Report of Sale $20
Affidavit of Postponement $50
Redemption $250
Filing of Notice of Intent to Redeem $100
Redemption Document(s) $20
Document Review Fee $150


Writ of Execution $100  for each action
Judgment Sale $300
Vehicle Seizures $750

Additional deposits may be required in certain cases.