Emergency Communications/911

When you have an emergency, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office 911 Emergency Communications Facility (911 ECF) is likely your first call for help. When a dispatcher receives a call, he or she quickly determines the situation and notifies the police or fire department in the city where the emergency is occurring. The dispatcher also notifies emergency medical services and other first responders as needed. The Sheriff's Office 911-ECF is located in Plymouth and it is one of the largest consolidated dispatch centers in the Upper Midwest. 

While dispatching emergency 911 calls is the core function of the 911 Dispatch Division, many other emergency communications responsibilities take place behind the scenes. To improve communications and emergency preparedness among all Hennepin County first responders, 911 Dispatch Division personnel continue to implement an 800-MHz trunked radio system.  The 800 MHz radio system allows agencies to talk with each other directly on a common frequency throughout the county.

The Sheriff's 911 Dispatch Division trains local police and fire departments how to use the Sheriff's Office 800-MHz trunked radio system.