Foreclosure: Advice to Tenants

Richard W. Stanek
Hennepin County Sheriff
Room 6 Courthouse
350 South 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 44515

Telephone: (612) 348-3740
Fax: (612) 348-4208

Foreclosure Advice to Tenants:

You are renting in a property that is in foreclosure. Minnesota law requires that we send you this notice about the foreclosure process. Please read it carefully.

The mortgage foreclosure does not change the terms of your lease. You and your landlord must continue to follow the terms of your lease, including the rights and responsibilities of you and your landlord. You must keep paying rent unless you have a legal reason to withhold it. Your landlord must keep the property repaired. Utilities must be paid under the terms of your lease or under state law.

Moving out of the property early might be a violation of your lease. The date of the sheriff’s foreclosure sale is in the attached foreclosure notice. In most cases you do not need to move from the property before the sheriff’s foreclosure sale. Read your lease to see if it says anything about foreclosure and about the rights you may have if the property is in foreclosure. If you have a month-to-month lease, the foreclosure notice does not change the rules for ending your lease. You and your landlord must still give legal notice to end your lease.

In most cases, your landlord has six months after the date of the sheriff’s foreclosure sale to pay off the mortgage. This is called the “redemption period”. Read the attached foreclosure notice to determine the length of the redemption period. You cannot be asked to move during the redemption period except for lease violations or if your lease expires during the redemption period. If your landlord stops the foreclosure, you may not have to move from the property. If your landlord does not stop the foreclosure, there will be a new owner of the property at the end of the redemption period.

The new owner may have the legal right to ask you to move even if your lease is not over. But, the new owner must still give you a written notice stating that the new owner wants you to move.

Do not wait to get information about foreclosure. Mortgage foreclosure is a complicated process. It is important you learn about your rights as a renter when there is a mortgage foreclosure. You may have fewer options if you wait too long. There are government agencies and nonprofit organizations that you may contact for helpful information about the foreclosure process. For the name and telephone of an organization near you, please call the legal aid office or bar association office in your county. You also can find information on tenants rights at HOME Line at (866) 866-3546 and Law Help Minnesota at The state of Minnesota does not guarantee the advice of these agencies and organizations.