Foreclosure Redemption Fees

Redemption Fee: $250

Any request for a redemption payoff statement by the Sheriff’s Office must be accompanied by payment of the redemption fee. The Sheriff’s Office will not begin any redemption work until the fee is paid. The redemption fee is non-refundable and not transferable to other parties or other redemption requests. However, payment of the fee will remain on account for the specified redemption until the redemption period ends for the party that paid it. If multiple parties request redemption work for the same foreclosure, each party making a request must pay the redemption fee.

Junior lienholders holding multiple liens must pay the redemption fee for each redemption that they request. For example, if a junior lienholder holds three mortgages and requests the redemption payoff based on the first mortgage, he or she must pay the redemption fee for that redemption. If the 7-day redemption period ends for the first mortgage, the fee paid based on the first mortgage is not refundable, and does not carry over for a redemption based on any of the other mortgages.

Businesses such as title companies that do a volume of work with the Sheriff’s Office may deposit funds to be kept on account. In these cases, the redemption fee will be deducted from the funds on account for the specified redemption and is not refundable or transferable if the specified redemption does not take place.

The Sheriff’s Office will not issue a redemption certificate if the redemption fee has not been paid.

Redemption Documents Fee: $20

This fee must be paid when redemption documents are delivered to the Sheriff, but the redemption was made at a place other than the Sheriff's Office.

Outside Bidder Certificate Fee: $100

This fee must be paid by the successful outside bidder at any Sheriff’s sale of real property where there is a statutory redemption period. This fee covers costs associated with the issuance of a certificate in the name of the bidder, and subsequent contact with the outside bidder in case of eventual redemption.

Document Review Fee: $150

This fee will be charged when documents submitted to the Sheriff contain prima facie document errors and a determination must be made as to the materiality of the errors. Prima facie document errors are those in which the information contained in documents presented for redemption or other civil procedures are different from the information in source documents. For example, if the property document filing numbers and dates, legal descriptions, or individual or business names contained in an affidavit or notice of intention to redeem prepared for redemption are different from those found in the source documents filed with Hennepin County property records, this fee will be charged to cover the cost of determining the materiality of the errors. If prima facie document errors are presented, the redemption certificate will not be issued to the redeeming party until this fee is paid. Any determination by the Sheriff as to the materiality or non-materiality of such errors, and/or the collection of any fee, does not constitute the provision of legal advice and does not represent an official and legally enforceable determination as to the property interest of any person or legal entity.

Other Sheriff's civil fees remain the same. Higher deposits may be required for certain services