Staying Safe

Tips for safer summer bicycling.
Carbon monoxide is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that can build up to dangerous concentrations indoors when fuel- burning devices are not properly vented, operated, or maintained.
Thieves are stealing smart phones—sometimes right out of the hands of the owners while they are on the phone.
If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online!
In an emergency, call 911 immediately from any wired or wireless phone.
Learn what protective measures to take before, during and after an emergency
A few simple precautions can help you avoid possible health risks during a flood.
Keep yourself and your family safe.
The Sheriff's Office encourages education, prevention and treatment in order to reduce drug abuse and addiction.
Public safety is everyone's responsibility. See something, Something is a national campaign that encourages people to report suspicious activities and situations -- to law enforcement.
Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to force women, men and children to engage in commercial sex against their will.
Tips for staying safe and comfortable when the temperatures rise.
Swap Spots are designated public places where residents may exchange items that they have purchased/sold online. This allows people to have a public location to make legal transactions.
Information about tornado sirens in Hennepin County.
Help for victims of crime