The Transport Unit is part of the Sheriff's Office Enforcement Services Division, which is headquartered out of Brooklyn Park. 
The Transport Unit is charged with transporting people under the jurisdiction of the county and state, including inmates bound for hearings in outer division courthouses, convicted inmates bound for correctional facilities, and mental health patients bound for court hearings or being transferred from various treatment facilities.
In a typical year, the Transport Unit logs approximately 330,000 miles by safely transporting more than 12,000 inmates and mental health patients pursuant to court orders. Annually, the unit completes around 300 transports for local police departments by providing transport services to detention and detoxification centers.  In addition, the unit serves upwards of 1,000 court-ordered summonses and completes about 1,000 writ transports (court-ordered apprearances for prisoners held at Department of Corrections facilities.