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Meet the elected sheriff

David Hutchinson was elected Hennepin County Sheriff in 2018. He was sworn in and took office on Monday, January 7, 2019.

As Sheriff, he has focused on issues of staff and community wellness, community safety, and providing a workforce that mirrors the residents of Hennepin County. He is nationally recognized for his work on providing officer wellness and medically assisted treatment for incarcerated individuals experiencing opioid addiction.

In the first year of his administration, Sheriff Hutchinson created an internal wellness unit called Tri Wellness in order to help his staff deal with the stresses of the law enforcement field. He firmly believes that keeping deputies mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will lead to better service for the public.

In response to the changing responsibilities of law enforcement, he created two new divisions within the agency: The Community Outreach Division, and The Criminal Intelligence Division. 

The Community Outreach Division is focused on improving bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve and includes programs such as the Community Engagement team and Sheriff’s Youth Program.

The Criminal Intelligence Division is focused on data-driven policing, using information to identify crime patterns, forecast criminal trends, generate investigative leads, assist with the identification of suspects involved in criminal activity, and much more.