Jose Guadalupe Gutierrez-Sanchez

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guadalupe gutierrez sanchez front headshot

The criminal complaint of May 13, 2011 states Gutierrez-Sanchez sexually abused his girlfriend’s daughter for several years, beginning when she was age seven or eight.


  • Sanchez
  • Francisco Gutierrez
  • Sanchez-Gutierrez
  • Jose Guadal
  • Cisneros-Gutierrez Jose Guada
  • Gutierrez, Jose Guadalupe Sanchez
  • Gutierrez, Jose Guadalupe Cisneros
  • Sanchez, Jose Guadalupe Gutierrez
  • Cisneros, Jose Guadalupe Gutierrez
  • Guiterrez, Jose Guadalupe
  • Cisneros, Jose Guadalupe
  • Gutierrez-Cisneros, Jose Guadalupe
  • Sanchez, Jose Guadalupe

Warrant: 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Gender: Male
Race: White
Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
Date of birth: Tuesday, February 8, 1972
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 249 pounds
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown