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Personal development

Mental health programming

  • Provided to select inmates in designated housing areas based on mental health need
  • Video games, board games, gym time, mental activities
  • Group discussion class psychoeducation with nursing staff


  • Alcoholics Anonymous: meeting to discuss different steps of recovery
  • Narcotics Anonymous: meeting to discuss recovery
  • Set Free Chemical Dependency: faith-based discussions on recovery
  • Discovery & Recovery: faith-based discussion on recovery
  • Salvation Army: community organization for recovery
  • Adult and Teen Challenge: community organization for recovery

Life skills and wellbeing

  • Health and Wellness: educational heal topic taught by medical students
  • Yoga: Yoga stretching with meditation
  • Overcoming Trauma SVC: community program assisting sexual assault victims
  • Parenting: discussions on parenting,
  • Workforce Training: resume building and interviewing skills

Faith-based programs

  • 12 Seed Dynamic Relationships: faith-based program to build healthy relationships
  • Bible study: faith-based discussions around the bible
  • Healthy Boundaries: faith-based discussions on life issues
  • I am Responsible: faith-based discussion personal responsibilities
  • Jum’ah Prayer: Muslim-lead prayer service
  • Life Recovery Principles: faith-based bilingual discussion on recovery
  • Meaning of Life: faith-based discussions on decision making
  • Weekend Church Study: faith-based discussion


  • Art Class: opportunity for inmates to create crafts
  • Freewriters MN: creative writing with discussion
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