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Copies of data

You can look at the data for free or pay to get copies.

State law allows us to charge the public for copies of government data.

For 100 or fewer paper copies, the charge is 25 cents per copy.

For copies in CD-ROM or thumb drive, the charge is $25.

For most other formats or amounts of data, the charge depends on:

  • Whether a charge is set by rule or law
  • The cost of searching for, retrieving, copying or sending the data

We factor in employee time, as well as the cost of materials and mailing.

We also pass on the charge of hiring an outside party to make copies of items we cannot reproduce, like photos.

Copy charges vary and in some cases may be waived.

If your request is expected to go above $50, the office may ask for half the payment up front.

It is always best to ask about copy charges in your request.

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