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Foreclosure sale process

Sale process

Sheriff’s deputies conduct foreclosure sales in an open bidding process.

  • Sales are conducted weekdays at the advertised time, at:

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office
Civil unit
350 South 5th Street, Room 190
Minneapolis, MN 55415

  • The mortgage company’s or plaintiff’s representative will bid first. Then others can bid.
  • At the time of the sale, the successful outside bidder must pay the entire amount of their bid. They can pay with a cashier’s check payable to Hennepin County Sheriff, or cash.
  • The successful outside bidder must also pay a $200 fee.
  • Once we process the sale, the successful bidder must pick up the sheriff’s certificate of sale. The bidder must also file it with the Recorder - Registrar of Titles Office.
  • Most foreclosure sales are subject to a redemption period, usually 6 months. Other redemption periods are 5 weeks, 2 months, and 12 months.

Types of mortgage foreclosures

Mortgage foreclosure by advertisement

  • This is the most common type of foreclosure. It’s usually based on a default in the terms of the mortgage.
  • The attorney who forecloses a mortgage prepares the notice of sale. They also arrange for service and publication of the notice.
  • For questions about the sale or about reinstating the mortgage, contact the attorney. The attorney’s phone number is usually published with the notice of sale.

Mortgage foreclosure by action

  • These sales result from an order from a judge. The order directs the sheriff to sell a specific parcel of real property.
  • The plaintiff’s attorney prepares the notice of sale. They also arrange for service and publication of the notice. A posting in 3 public places is also required.

Notices of sale

  • The notice of sale must be published in a qualified newspaper once a week for 6 weeks before a scheduled sale date.
  • The sheriff’s office does not have a list or calendar of scheduled sales.
  • Attorneys are not legally required to tell us when they schedule, postpone or cancel a sale by advertisement.

Affidavit of postponement

The mortgagor may be able to postpone a foreclosure sale.

The mortgagor must, at least 15 days before the schedule date:

  1. File an affidavit of postponement with county recorder – registrar of titles.
  2. File a recorded copy of the affidavit with the sheriff for a $50 fee.
  3. Deliver a recorded copy of the affidavit to the attorney for the lender.

The redemption period after a postponed sale is automatically reduced to 5 weeks.

If you file an affidavit of postponement, confirm with the foreclosure attorney that:

  • All statutory requirements are met
  • The sale is indeed postponed

Help for homeowners and tenants

  • A notice of foreclosure sale must be served on the property occupants. This must be done at least 4 weeks before the scheduled sale date.
  • Homeowners should read the foreclosure advice and redemption rights notice.
  • Tenants should read the foreclosure advice notice to tenants.
  • Contact an organization named in the notice if you need more help, or contact an attorney.
  • To avoid scams, use caution if anyone approaches you with an offer to help.

Records of sheriff’s foreclosure sales

Search records for the last 12 months.

Get a copy of a sheriff’s certificate of sale

Certificates of sale are recorded in the Recorder – Registrar of Titles office.

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